Infill & Mixed Use Development

Place with Purpose

Any project, big or small, should create a place with meaning.

The passion for creating a complete plan and project is evident by our involvement after the planning work is completed. We stay involved for some time to make sure that the care that we have taken in the plan is reflected in the architecture of the buildings, homes, and civic buildings.

We strive to create lasting places that are vibrant, active, and subtly elegant. Typically, these projects house a mix of uses, meaning they serve as office, retail, and residential. The diversity of uses typically makes the projects more exciting due to the various schedules and times that there is activity in a development.

Infill Development

Infill simply means, “filling in”…

Of interest lately to developers is the opportunity to capitalize on existing infrastructure. The lure of streets that are already paved, and sewer and water being a few feet away has attracted developers to look within their towns and cities and invest in an existing framework as opposed to seeking property out by the interstate and contributing to urban sprawl. This is a classic “Smart Growth” principle.

We have worked and continue to work on many multi-family, and mixed use projects that are redefining how development can occur in a dense, yet beautiful way. Our plans think through the building to road, pedestrian to building, and building to site relationships. Understanding internal building uses and user demographics is critical to developing a site plan that functions properly.