Museum Campus Planning

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Discovery Center Campus Plan

Lynn Meadows desired a plan to incorporate additional property into the existing campus while addressing the current campus issues.

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center is a twenty-five year old museum for children of all ages. With the acquisition of additional acreage CPLA was retained to create a seamless transition between the existing campus in the new property, as well as address the function and overall aesthetic of the current acreage. Our objective was to expand the museum experience to the beautiful site situated on the Gulf of Mexico.

Programming & Planning Process

Our job was to make the Steering Committee think about the entire site as a part of the museum experience, not just the exhibits within the building.

Our team had the opportunity to work with the Campus Steering Committee to think through the existing issues such as vehicular/pedestrian circulation, drainage, and the placement of future site improvements such as public art, a science garden, an amphitheater classroom, and a food truck plaza.

From the initial meetings, we were able to develop a concise programming list of the desired site solutions and objectives to incorporate in the Master Plan. After some input on our preliminary alternatives, we finalized the plan, which was later approved by the LMDC board of directors.

Implementing Ideas

There is nothing more rewarding for us as designers than seeing a project complete and being used the way it was intended to be.

During the master planning process, our team presented a phasing plan for implementation. The priority phase for Lynn Meadows was improving the new property, and blending it in with the new property. We continued design efforts for the first phase, and managed the project through construction. In June of 2016, Lynn Meadows opened the new area to the community with a ceremonial ribbon cutting. It was a true pleasure to see kids running around the site using it as it was intended to be.