Residential Landscape Design

Bon Silene the Charnley-Norwood House

Historic Renovation & Preservation

This Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis K. Sullivan gem had a site that was equally deserving of being restored.

After Hurricane Katrina crippled the only known Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis K. Sullivan designed homes on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, extensive efforts were made to save these historic masterpieces.

The property of the Charnley-Norwood residence had an extensive meadow and rose garden. The Department of Marine Resources secured funds to restore the site to how it would have appeared in 18--. Our task was to use the provided photos and research to create a master plan and construction drawings for the site and rose garden.

Bon Silene

The home and gardens will be preserved as a museum for tourists to learn about the story and significance of this residence.

The Bon Silene Rose was one of the rose species identified in the research materials. Therefore, the property took that on as its namesake as not to have to be fully associated with one or any of its many owners over the last century.

After working with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, the DMR, and other agencies, we eventually had an approved plan to implement. The garden and site, with all of the custom details and configurations was completed in 2016, and is now being used for civic functions and educational purposes.