Urban Design+Planning


The design of a project is the marriage of the proposed plan and materials to tell the story of the project.

We understand that things people see, the materials, the structures, and colors give the neighborhood or park a brand. These visible elements combined with the function of the other layers of infrastructure, that may not be visible, will determine the success or failure of a project.

Client Integration

Our clients provide critical input during our design process in order to make sure the finish product matches their vision.

We seek the opinion of our clients on everything involved in the project, from the layout to the suggested construction or plant materials. If the direction is not in line with the client’s, then we typically have a good discussion before any drastic changes are made.


Having worked in tandem with carpenters, masons, utility, and landscape contractors, we have an understanding of how contractors build things.

With over a decade of landscape architecture and design experience, CPLA has gained a practical understanding of solutions that work for a variety of scenarios. We have countless hours of in the field experience working with contractors. Our team is capable of working through issues in the field to minimize delays or change orders for our clients.


The environment is impacted by every project. Our goal is to minimize that impact, and potentially improve the ecological pattern.

The design of a site should always present opportunities for environmental improvement. We specialize in the design of green infrastructure and low impact development design, where the goal is to make the post-development runoff equal to the pre-developed land’s runoff. Our focus is to catch any stormwater as close to the source as we can in order to filter out “first-flush” pollutants that are detrimental to our natural watersheds.

Budget & Phasing

Knowledge of construction costs helps our team to make adjustments to our design, or phasing recommendations if our estimates reflect a budget shortfall.

Throughout schematic design, design development, and construction document development, we analyze our project units for hardscape, landscape, irrigation, and drainage to see how our design compares to the client’s budget for construction. If quantity adjustments or phasing is required, we will present our recommendations to the client for their approval.