Our team evaluates each project with a “big picture” approach. We embrace the challenge of not only exploring solutions for a project site, but also how those solutions can improve the surrounding context.

Our planning approach is an in-depth, comprehensive, data driven approach based on functionality, aesthetics, and the integration of green infrastructure practices.

With our extensive knowledge of all of the facets of development, from underground infrastructure to vertical construction, we are able to create effective long-term frameworks for practical, cohesive, and phased implementation. Our clients find value in understanding the long-term vision while not being overwhelmed due to our recommendations for manageable project phasing, based on data, economics, and demand.

Client Integration

We have a comprehensive client integration approach from the beginning of the project until the end, with the end goal of creating a roadmap for the future of their property.

We work with the clients to gain their input or ideas from the beginning of the project to ensure that their views and ideas are incorporated into our plans in a practical manor.

Not every project requires the same formula; therefore, our team takes pride in the thought behind each engagement exercise in order to get the most information out of the client every step of the way.


The form of any place or plan is important, but the function is paramount.

At any scale, the plan should function as a system. We believe that the planning process should consider the end users of the place. In the plans that we create, the vehicular function is secondary to that of the pedestrian.

Our goal is to create a better walkable condition in any plan that we develop, with an emphasis on how to enhance the experience for that person. With that, we believe that people will enjoy the space or place and exist longer without the use of their automobile for a given time.

Data Driven

In campus planning and land use planning, solutions become abundantly clear through the process of overlaying the statistical facts with the current and desired conditions.

By utilizing the data collected in our analysis efforts, we are able to form educated solutions for our clients, in order for them to see plainly that their “wants” may not align with their “needs.”

This occurs often in campus planning, where an institution may feel that they want more building space allocated for offices, when actually, what they need is to build storage space, and re-appropriate uses within their current facility.


We strive to create places that are lasting and beautiful.

Understanding the value of aesthetics in the built environment helps our projects build long-term value.

From the layout of a civic space, to the input we provide on architectural character and detail, we take extreme interest in not only drafting a plan for a neighborhood, campus, town, or community, but also building long-term value in those projects to create a lasting legacy for our clients.


Creating an evolving, changing, growing, thriving place is our overarching goal in any solution that we propose.

Sustainable is an overused – misunderstood term, but it encompasses the very heart of our mission – “To create solutions that sustain the test of time.”

Time brings on decay. Time requires maintenance. Time requires persistence. We strive to create places that people love, in order that that love overpowers the negatives of time. The result of that love is that those places are preserved for future generations to appreciate.

Passion for a place is maximized by the integration of a mix of uses, social engagement, and natural environments that serve a holistic purpose.