Neighborhood Planning

The Sands at Front Beach


A Coastal Master Plan

Creating community along the coast is often a challenge due to the fact that elevated housing fragments the human connection with the architecture.

Our challenge to create a sense of community, while achieving the desired density was met head on with a creative master plan solution. We laid out the plan to appropriately address the surrounding streets, while creating a walkable environment within the community.

With the homes having to be elevated, we took consideration for the sense of scale of the structures by creating large green spaces between the homes. These large open spaces will be developed as community amenities while allowing for separation between the multi-story structures.

Green Infrastructure

Bioretention cells were incorporated into the infrastructure to minimize runoff and stormwater pollutants from migrating into the Gulf of Mexico.

When land values are high, and density is the only way for a project to make sense, acreage devoted to stormwater detention is a non-starter. Our team makes every attempt to make that an opportunity by using landscaped features called bioretention to control stormwater runoff.

This Low Impact Development or Green Infrastructure technique allows the developer to break up the required detention space into smaller areas, closer to the runoff source. These cells can be incorporated into common space, or into the roadway sections. Through proper design, these facilities can remove close to 95% of unwanted pollutants from the development’s stormwater runoff.