Church Campus Planning

Grace Presbyterian Church

Church Campus Planning Challenge

Planning for the future, while addressing the current campus issues

Due to the fact that churches typical only operate at capacity during a few hours a week, it is important that spaces are maximized and thought through in order to avoid over building.

The challenge of redundancy in areas of the site plagues facilities, especially parking. Our challenge with this particular campus was to assist in making the site functional while putting emphasis on the beautiful site and church rather that the abundance of parking that is only used once a week. Additionally, creating positive visibility from the main road in front of the building was important to the client.

Church Campus Planning Solution

After presenting our conceptual ideas to the client, the path to the final master plan became clear.

Our team used exercises throughout the planning process to engage the client and organize the feedback. We used this method in order not to just put our thoughts out in front of them, and let them react to them. Rather, we took their thoughts and organized them in functional frameworks. After obtaining their input on the alternatives, we had a clear direction to finalize the plan.

The campus master plan identified tangible project phases for the church to budget for over the next several years for implementation. Our updated layout of the site addressed vehicular and pedestrian circulation, the creation of outdoor spaces, dual purpose parking areas that function as basketball courts during youth group, and an improved overall campus aesthetic with signage oriented correctly to the road.