Parks & Trails Design

Linear Beach Park Promenade

The Promenade Master Plan

An ambitious plan is embraced by the City and community.

The Promenade is a three and a half mile linear trail along the man made beach adjacent to the Mississippi Sound at the mouth of the Pascagoula River. The Preliminary Master Plan contains several signature features that will make the project more than a concrete path.

The plan illustrates elements such as a Singing River Memorial that will tell the story of the Pascagoula Indians holding hands and walking into the River to their death to avoid a battle between them and the Biloxi Indians.

At the intersections of roadways with the Beach Drive, we have located different vertical focal points that tie the views of the beach and ocean deep into the community. One such area will have a lawn area, with a large flagpole and flag in the lawn to commemorate Pascagoula’s brand as Mississippi’s Flagship City.

Another signature area along the linear park will be a fishing zone. The pathway will be diverted back onto the road to allow for undisturbed waterside access for fishermen. Also proposed is a restaurant and boat slip marina for boaters to pull right into the restaurant.

Bikes, Benches, and Beach

The Promenade is a linear system that serves as a community destination for people to run, bike, and enjoy the views.

Replacing the old guardrail, we designed a new barrier that created a more refined look. The barrier actually serves as benches for people resting along the walkway.

There are shade structures, showers, and various attractions along the way for people to enjoy while they are on the beach relaxing. Bikers and joggers frequent the trail due to the scenery, and ease of staying on a singular route for their exercise activities.