Museums & Institutions Design

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

Small Site – Big Challenges

Smaller projects require a lot of thought and consideration.

When dealing with topographic challenges, right of way issues, and circulation organization in an urban setting, a lot of thought is required to accomplish a functional yet aesthetic solution.

In this particular scenario, the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection was working in partnership with the City to address the walkway along their frontage right of way and improve the sidewalk along the street to meet ADA requirements.

Change for the better

Walls, walks, and spaces organize the presentation of the church from the road, and to those entering in the front of the church.

In order to deal with the grade changes, retaining walls were required. We utilized those walls to define and organize spaces, as well as present visible signage to the road. A gathering area at the front steps of the church allows for church members to gather, before or after services. A new sculpture plaza also allows for additional breakout space for larger events and gatherings. Newly introduced lawn and landscape add further rhythm and meaning to this new and improved entry experience.