Neighborhood Design

Florence Gardens

Traditional Neighborhood Development

Designing a timeless neighborhood takes a lot of care, passion, and creativity.

In 2004, Christian Preus Landscape Architecture (CPLA) began work on the 420-acre neighborhood. The developer named the development after their mother and saw the project as a long-term investment and contribution to the community. They have granted CPLA the creative freedom to explore alternative methods of stormwater management, which has established Florence Gardens as one of the first engineered Low Impact Developments (L.I.D.) in the State of Mississippi.

Today, Florence Gardens is home to over one hundred families. We are currently working with the developer to design and implement the third residential district and the future market district.

Understanding Development Complexities

Working with Architects, Engineers, and Contractors, we have learned the value of teamwork and collaboration in the process of making a development a “Place.”

Over the last decade, we have been involved in the design and oversight of the construction of all aspects of the development. We have worked closely with architects, engineers, and planners to blend the roads, buildings, walkways, and vegetation into a beautiful landscape. Native material, sustainable practices, and connectivity are key components to our design approach in the development.

Working with the likes of Steve Mouzon, Nathan Norris, Geoff Dyer, and Howard Blackson, valuable insight was gained in understanding the relationships of architecture, spaces, and the value of a walkable street.

The Sun Herald, Mississippi State University, and the Mississippi Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects have recognized our work in Florence Gardens with excellence in design awards.