School Campus Planning

Starkville Academy

School Campus Planning for Growth

Planning for a 27-acre campus K-12 independent school allowing for future growth

Starkville Academy, a K-12 Independent School, engaged CPLA to evaluate how the school could best grow to address current deficiencies and allow for future growth. Assessing the current needs, and collecting the input from the client through the process, the CPLA team developed a visionary master plan for the 27-acre campus.

School Campus Planning Solution

Planning framework that allows for campus evolution.

The CPLA team developed a detailed space assessment, comparing the school to peer and peer plus institutions, in order to determine current classroom, office, lab, athletic, and common space needs. Based on this assessment, the team developed alternatives that addressed buildings, open space, athletics, parking and circulation. Ultimately, the inclusive process allowed the school leadership to confidently choose a planning framework that allows them to redefine the ways that the campus feels and functions.

Campus Master Plan Report

The report identifies multiple projects to begin capital campaigns.

The master plan report identified numerous projects, which were prioritized based on current needs. Illustrative graphics were created for several key areas to allow the school to begin fund raising efforts and move toward implementation.