Neighborhood Planning


Creating a Legacy

Charm, hospitality, and subtle elegance will define the character of this traditional neighborhood development.

The neighborhood known as Adelaide will be a legacy project for the Ramsey family. Named after the family matriarch, the development will strive to exhibit all of her qualities. Charm, hospitality, and subtle elegance will define the character of this traditional neighborhood development. The site will offer picturesque settings of homes on rolling hills, both in open meadows and wooded landscapes, large preserved green ways, and a lake that is accessible to everyone in the neighborhood. Tree lined streets and connected walkway networks will give residents a reason to know their neighbors.

Preservation of Place

With over 480 acres to work with, our team felt obligated to integrate the history and character of the family farm into the fabric of the neighborhood.

The site is as it is today, has rolling topography, and is a beautiful open space surrounded by growth. The agricultural character and history of the property is evident by the existing ponds, pastures and barn structures. Mature stands of trees have been preserved along tributaries and fence lines. The trees currently define pockets of various pastures in which cattle currently reside. In an effort preserve the existing characteristics of this property, major pockets of vegetation were noted. Key features, such as high points, places of intrinsic significance, and features in the natural landscape were highlighted prior to the design process beginning.

Prior to planning, our team sat down with the family and listened to stories of generations gone by that picnicked and played on the rolling pastoral landscape of the 480-acre site. Noting areas of significance to the family, we strived to preserve those areas of the property as open space, as to allow future generations to learn about their family history.

A Life Cycle Neighborhood

A neighborhood should encompass all ages and stages of life.

Too many developments cater to one demographic. Adelaide is one of the few neighborhoods in the South that have both an Assisted Living facility and detached single-family homes in the first two phases of development.

Our goal in the planning process was to provide a variety of product and lot types that would allow someone that planned on living in the area a while to buy their first and last home in the same neighborhood. With a full time Assisted Living facility within walking distance, the location also becomes attractive to homeowner’s with extended family that may be in need of round the clock care. The ease and comfort of having those family members nearby gives people a peace of mind.