Public Spaces Design

World War II Memorial

Honoring Our Greatest Generation

A derelict, underutilized corner of downtown is turned into a memorial that pays tribute to the men that lost their lives in World War II.

An underutilized, derelict corner of downtown Gulfport was reinvigorated by a Christian Preus Landscape Architecture (CPLA) design. A lone pavilion stood, surrounded by overgrown vegetation and hardly paid tribute to the men that lost their lives serving our country in one of the most defining moments in American History.

Volunteers constructed the original memorial pavilion, so it was important to pay homage to the previous effort that was made to honor our Veterans. All of the names of Gulfport residents who lost their lives in battle were placed on metal panels framed within the pavilion.

Memorial Anchors Downtown Corner

The defined edges of the space, and the landscape treatments embrace the central memorial structure to provide an aesthetic anchor downtown.

A bluestone plaza surrounds the structure, and a masonry seat wall that matches the Hancock Bank Centennial Plaza across the street, borders the stone and forms a nice urban edge. Lawn break out rooms with benches spill out from the plaza to create softer more intimate spaces. The original flagpole and granite monuments were all incorporated and reused in the design.

At night, all of the vertical elements are lighted, which makes the pavilion a major focal point in the downtown.

Civic Space

From large civic events to few people enjoying the plaza during lunch, the space serves as civic amenity.

The memorial serves as a space for large civic events such as Veterans Day ceremonies, or for something as small as a few people taking a lunch break outside. It is formal, yet approachable, and most importantly, it is a place where people can pay tribute to our greatest generation.